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Deus - Ideal Crash - 2LP -

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dEUS is a band from Belgium that writes very interesting allternative indie-rock...I can't think of another indie band that sounds quite like them. They have a tendancy to use interesting musical tools, like banjo's, mellotrons, horns and electronica...etcetera. I love their unconventional song structures and raw songwriting as well. The production is some of the best I've heard. Definately a band worth checking out. This is their most eclectic album...which has already cracked by top 10.

01 Put The Freaks Up Front
Like I said, this track has become an alternative classic in the Benelux. It's a terrific song, with memorable riffs, especially that cool trombone melody that comes in here and there. It's just a song that works. It's a great opener...very much indie-influxed hard rock...with a little twist. 4.5/5

02 Sister Dew
The song starts really quirky...something you'd listen to if you're drunk. The guitar melody goes out of tune and the percussion/drums sounds very much like a sythesizer beat....but subtlely it goes into a real drum beat, and it becomes this really quiet melancholic ballad. I love it when those violins and cello's come in the's a beautiful song. Definately one of the highlights. 4.5/5

03 One Advice, Space
This song has an uplifting acoustic 3/4 intro, which would suggest another ballad, but the mood changes when the drums start. It's really kind of a depressing song with some spooky melodies. Another good track. 4/5

04 The Magic Hour
This is a very relaxing, soothing song. I instantly loved the guitar work. I just love it when guitarists complement the song more than filling up the entire melodic spectrum. There are some nice violin arrangements. I love the part with the cello and the cool 80's new wave guitar work...that part is just incredible. It's followed by a nice subtle acoustic guitar solo. 4.5/5

05 The Ideal Crash
The title track starts really strange with an odd key melody, a drumbeat a la "Where I End And You Begin". Even the vocals have a weird squeeking effect. Eventually the song becomes a bit more rock oriƫ's still remains it's uniqueness. 4/5

06 Instant Street
This is an awesome song that any fan of alternative and indie music SHOULD hear. This song starts pretty playful and uplifting with a cool banjo riff and a bossa nova-influenced drum beat. I love the vocal lines, they remind me a bit of the's just a really well written song all the way through. Cool guitar work around three and a half minutes into the song. Eventually this song developes into a really hardrocking track with a really catchy riff. Very good indeed. 5/5

07 Magdalena
This song starts very timid and melodic, with just single open string hits. The lyrics are really raw, as if they really portray direct thoughts. It's one of those depressing break-up songs. Eventually the song builds up to a heavier climax. 3.5/5

08 Everybody's Weird
This songs is driven more by the title track it's...well, weird. It's a very unique song...haven't heard anything quite like it...and that's why I like it. Some of the riffs are really memorable in this song. 4/5

09 Let's See Who Goes Down First
Like on "Sister Dew" it's starts with a really quirky lo-fi electronica sequence. This is the strangest song on the album. The melodies are playful and almost out of sounds like something that would be played for an animals documentary on the Discovery channel. It's just a downright interesting's one big mess :) 4/5

10 Dream Sequence #1
Another depressing song, it's definately a more pop-oriƫnted song than the rest of the album. That is until it goes into a heavier, more guitar-based part. Compared to the other tracks, this song is a bit of a letdown, because it doesn't really have much of a progression. 3/5
This is a really good's got a good balance between accessible and stranger songs. This is definately a band who does their own thing and have their own sound. Their ability to subtlely change the mood of the music within their song has impressed me. But like with me, this album might take a bit of time to grow on you before you learn to appreciate it the fullest.

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