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Nirvana - Nevermind - LP -

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True, when this album was released in 1991, the music world was in pretty awful shape. Hair metal ruled the airwaves on both radio and television, and the alternative scene wasn't very promising either; Bono's Jesus-complex made most punk-rockers sick. So when Nirvana's first major label album, along with its landslide hit single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" hit the streets, America changed overnight. In one sweep, the rock landscape went from bloated solos and teased hair to no solos and uncombed hair. It also went from bad to worse.

Throughout this album, one understands that Kurt Cobain, singer, guitarist and songwriter, has a problem writing lyrics that makes sense. Read any mainstream review of this band and you'll see descriptions like "angst-filled," "angry," "depressing," "bored," etc. and yet not a single example from the album to support these descriptions. Why? Because the truth is that this album says nothing. I could give a bunch of excerpts proving this, but the point is that none of it makes sense, so giving examples of some songs that make no sense is a nil point indeed. Fans waste hours and indeed, lifetimes trying to determine what exactly Kurt Cobain was trying to tell us all. I can say I've already figured it out. Hint: nothing, because he couldn't articulate a thing.

Of course, lyrics are only half the music, so you must weigh the musicianship behind the album as well. And instrumentally, it's pretty clear that these guys suck. Dave Grohl can play fast; so what? It's generally the same beat, with same lame, generic surfer-rock fills as intros from time to time. Krist Novolesic's bass lines are annoying and whimsical sounding, as if a kid had just got an effects pedal for his bass he never learned how to play and made some cool new sounds that he put behind a song. Kurt's singing could be good but unfortunately he wastes it, opting to usually either shout or scream instead of hold a proper note. The guitar playing is pathetic as well; the solo to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is as good as this guy's playing ever got, and that is a 100% true statement. Let the laughter begin.

The sad part is that you get the sense that these guys could play well, they just choose not to because they're too busy trying to be all "punked out." Dave Grohl can play drums; so why doesn't he do it? Krist Novolesic can play bass; why doesn't he do it. Kurt can sing; why doesn't he do it? Kurt can play gui-- well, never mind.

It's interesting that an album that says nothing and means nothing became the cornerstone of an entire generation.

No wonder the 90's was so terrible musically.

True, Nirvana started a revolution with this; a revolution of incredibly crappy music. Like Creed? Thank Nirvana. Like Nickelback? Thank Nirvana. Like Tool, one of the worst rock bands today? Thank Nirvana.

Anyone who can stand listening to this Godforsaken album all the way through deserves a reward. And anyone still under the wrong impression that this band was anything more than stoned out piss-poor musicians and a guy who liked to mix up random lines out of his "poetry books" to make pathetic excuses for lyrics is naive.

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