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Slayer - Haunting The Chapel - lp re-issue -

Price per Unit (stuk): €13.95

Ahh, yes the only Slayer EP I'll ever bother to review. How has this thing been going? Good I take it since Chemical Warfare was on Slayer's live set list in the October of 2016. Definitely has made a mark with the fan base, more so than Serenity of Murder and Stain of Mind, the former having no bragging rights besides the iconic cover of an overly obsessed fan that carved Slayer in his back and former having no cry to fame at all.

In comparison though, Haunting the Chapel also actually exclusive songs that can only be found here, not a single from an at the time upcoming album with a cluster of live tracks with half of said live tracks already having a superior live performance available on Decade of Aggression. My point being this is the only Slayer EP that wasn't a promotional cash grab that faded into a level of obscurity over the course of time, and now that that's been said there's not much more to gush on about besides the actual musical content itself.

Do you like riffs? Do you like fast aggressive riffs paired with shredding solos, quick double pedal drum work and shouted vocals? Could I ask a more rhetorical question than that? Find out next week on Dragonball Z. Pardon the sarcasm but that's about what you need to know about it musically, its fast, its hard and its everything you might expect from Slayer minus a some screechy squeals on the guitar solos. If you have one of the album's remasters on hand you'll also find a longer run time with the addition of Aggressive Perfector, which is a welcome addition that matches the EP musically and helps bump it out to a preferable length. I guarantee if you want a hard copy that a newer copy will be worth having unless you really just must have an original printing.

Now the recording quality of course could be better, the bass for one needs to be louder in the mix, I can barely make it out. The riffs are fast and heavy but dampened under the recording quality for a marginally worse sound than they deserve and Tom's shouts are perhaps a bit too loud, none of the EPs issues are musical, they're all purely in production and I've heard at least Chemical Warfare live to say that this stuff throws down fucking hard if given the right kind of love.

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