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Death - Human - LP -

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Many things after Spiritual Healing was released happened. Chuck Schuldiner lost his lineup after Andrews and Butler ditched Chuck and Chuck took legal actions and fired those two. James Murphy went on to Obituary and other bands. Chuck Schuldiner decided to intend on hire temporary members (session member members mostly). Chuck this time recruited his longtime friend Steve DiGiorgio and Cynic's guitarist and drummer Paul Masvidal and Sean Reifert. This album is obviously the album most famous for being the album Death goes from an amazing death metal band to the apex of Death metal.

The production on this album like Spiritual Healing is tailored for their respective album perfect. It makes the album feel nature for listeners. It also allows all parts of the music to shine (which will be spoken about later on)

The lyrics of the album are like Spiritual Healing in the sense of it criticizing something, but it more general and mature. It is more general because it is like an X in a Math an equation, you can insert to more situations than the last. If you think about it people you interact with in life you can cite someone who wears a secret face or someone who is the sad person whose only pleasure is to be a jerk. You can relate to "Secret Face" and "Lack of Comprehension." This album is the first in Death's discography in which they make songs relatable to almost all people on earth and all times making this album philosophical. It is mature because it thinks out of the box. In songs like "See Through Dreams,you" Chuck explores the idea of about a person that's born blind, yet is able to associate images with the sounds and his thoughts in his dreams. No one in the Death metal at the time had put so much thought into their lyrics. The lyrics also succeeded because it is vivid and you the lyrics can give an image your brain.

Chuck's vocal are great in a few words. Chuck's vocals in this album are matured. Chuck serves as the narrator of the what is happening in the lyrics and is still hard hitting. In "Lack of Comprehension" Chuck describe the person and shreds him to pieces showing people's reception of him. The listener can see the pain of the person in "Suicide Machine" because Chuck perfectly shows in his voice. On this album, Chuck's voice fits The vocals on this album on this album are easy to understand so you have no excuse to not listen to this album.

The bass and drums on this album are good. Steve DiGiorgio on this album accompany the guitar well and don't ruin the album, but serves it well. It shines on "Lack of Comprehension" in the beautiful intro and shows the band's progression and ability to . Sean Reifert is energetic like the drummer on the last album but takes it up a level. It is better technically speaking and more jazz-influenced, which shows his creativity.

The guitars on this album are phenomenal. The riffs fit the mood and pace. On songs like "Suicide Machine," the riff tells you that the song is dark and ominous. It gives you a preview of the song. The soloing on this album shred and are memorable. The solo on "Lack of Comprehension" shows the albums emotion and is memorable. It is more refined than, most death metal albums at the time. This album in the soloing department is still technical but is more cohesive. It is less about showing off on this album and more about the musician. On "Cosmic Sea" both guitarists gives great musicianship and it gives more pleasure. The accuracy and creativity blow my mind. The soloing is melodic, technical, and beautiful, which is what this album did.

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